Thursday, March 10, 2011

Playable races

These are astronauts, space wanderers and explorers like those from Planet of Apes, Barsoomian novels etc.

Cthlolian pure-strain humans
These are descendants of human empire star fleet that has crushed on Cthlol millenia ago. Now they've created very sophisticated bronze-age society on the biggest continent of Cthlol.

These are also descendants of the crew from the human empire star fleet but corrupted and mutated by rad-zones of Cthlol. Despised by all other species, especially by cthlolian humans.

These are four-legged sentient fungi race, inimical to all other races of Cthlol especially to Hlugru. They live in stone-age tribes established around one of mother-fungis(the only females of their kind).

These are blue-skinned, four-handed race living in swamps of Cthlol, divided in to many stone-age tribes.

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