Saturday, March 26, 2011

Hlugru II

Oh, again I'd like to apologize for my crappy english.

General description

Blue-skinned, four-armed race, very tough and agile. Generally they possess all features typical for mammals, but they lay eggs, and their sex is determined by the temperature of the nest.Once a great space faring civilization, now deceased, primitive gathering of stone age level tribes on planet Cthlol. The reason for their fall is no longer known. They possess great affinity with magic, especially spiritual one. Some of them have mild talent in psionic- these are eremites, who live deep in the wilderness studying the potential of their minds.


Hlugru live divided into matriarchal tribes. Each of them is lead by a group of elders adviced by tribial shaman. In times of war, one of the elders is chosen for a warchief(the only exception were a male is in charge of something important, well also sometimes shamen are males), who gains absolute power for the time of war. The gender roles consist of:



-protecting tribe

-cultivating some crafts which require big amounts of strength


- nursing and nurturing younglings

- conducting religious rituals

- healing

- keeping household

- practicing magic


Most of the tribes of hlugru revere ancestors and nature spirits. Usually they build small shrines and stone circles on swamps and moors. Shamen conduct magical rituals and animal sacrifice.

Designer’s note

Their general outlook of culture seems to be similar to that of native americans, polinesians, early hindu and a bit of picts.

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