Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Skill expertise at 1st level

Today Gavin of the City of Iron blog wrote about impossibility of being an expert in some skills at first level. I just came up IMHO good solution for this. In a d20 charater of a certain level can have max. rank of class skill at actual level+3. So simply by removing this rule we can get an expert in some skills. Of course this change can bring some inconsistencies with feats etc., but I believe this issue can be resolved by a good GM.

Character sheet for my homebrew Sword and Sorcery

So here's a character sheet for a game that I'm writing simultaneously in polish and in english, the game I've entitled Sword and Sorcery, it's a mashup of d20, Swords & Wizardry and Labirynth Lord.

Ha! finally got the cthlolian human culture!

Reading through my copy of Swords & Glory v.1 sourcebook for Tekumel and Humanspace Empire RPG, I've got an idea. Getting to the point, I've decided that my cthlolian humans will be descendants of a crushed fleet of Humanspace Alliance with some inspirations taken from mycean and troy culture. Later this day I'll post some more information concerning them and maybe a better picture of a city.

Stay tunned

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Cthlol map w.i.p update

This time I've placed some locations like fungimen and hlugru tribes and main city-states of cthlolian humans. Still thinking about human culture, d'oh.

Sunday, April 10, 2011


Alas, last few weeks I've been preoccupied by my study at the university, some projects and students' congress. Hopefully all my duties will be fullfilled by thursday and than I'll return to regular posting. The lack of new post is also caused by lack of gaming, though it will change soon.

I'm still thinking about native human culture, by now I've got religion, social structure and tech level, but still I can't decide upon which culture base them(first thought was dako-thracian, with some hindu and Catal Huyuk culture, but I have mixed feelings about that).

That's all for now. Stay tunned.