Friday, March 18, 2011

Description of the Planet Cthlol

Planet Cthlol is twice as big as the Earth. In the begining Cthlol was a gas-giant but thanks to the technology of unknown race(probably some servitor race of Old Ones) was changed into a solid earth-like planet. Most of its surface is covered with vast oceans and the rest are myriads of isles, archipelagos and one big continent. There is no flora as we know it, most of its flora is a variety of fungi and mosses. In seas you can find algae and coral reefs. Also some of algae grow in the lower levels of the atmosphere floating around clouds.

Fauna of Cthlol is also very different from what we know- there are no mammals(except for humans and mutants). Most numerous are reptilians, birds, amphibians and insects.

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