Tuesday, March 15, 2011

House rules for the Planet Cthlol

I thought sharing my house rules from my campaign would be apropriate, so here they are:

- my system is based upon 3rd revised edition of DnD( as I said with some bits from 0d&d and RQ)
- no Armour Class, Defense bonus instead
- armour reduces damges
- weapons have new characteristic - armour piercing( reduces armour DR)
- during chargen 3d6 are rolled for attributes instead of montyhauley 4d6
- no feats
- only 3 classes exist, and these are: magic-user, warrior and specialist
- after succesful attack roll location hit is determined by rolling d6(1- head; 2- left arm; 3- right arm; 4- torso; 5- left leg; 6 right leg)
- 2 types of magic: ritualistic cthulhu mythos styled and standard vancian
- psionics handled similarly as in Carcosa supplement
- insanity rules stolen from Call of Cthulhu
- high wisdom score(15+) grants 5% experience
- one minute turns: you can either attack, cast a spell or move(no action division)
- the number of non-lethal damage that character can acquire before falling unconcious is equal to his/her CON score


  1. I saw the post on the Terminal Space blog, like what I see here and I am looking forward to watching this setting grow.

  2. Thanks:) I hope you'll enjoy forthcoming posts.