Thursday, May 19, 2011

Sword and Sorcery RPG covers

So here're covers for my upcoming Sword and Sorcery RPG, which is sort of simulacrum game or simplified d20 with some rules taken from RQ, CoC S&W core rules, LL and modeled after 0d&d. The main part of the text is ported from PF SRD document(i.e. flavour text) with twist of mine. I suppose it will be published in late August. Stay tunned


  1. I *really* like these covers. They hit the general setting and tech level that I'm most interested in when it comes to fantasy. Not huge amounts of armor, but everyone's wearing pretty sensible clothes. Nice sized weapons, neither too big nor too small. Very cool.

  2. I've forgotten to mention that I'm not the author of these wonderful drawings, the author is Jarosław Musiał a great illustrator from Poland. I've "borrowed" them from several polish rpgs :/.