Monday, May 30, 2011

some features from Sword and Sorcery RPG

Last time I've posted covers for my rpg. Now I'll tell you about some features of my game.
First of all, I'm a skill junkie, so there will be a skill system like that in 3.5 ed., though with consolidated skill list(~20). There will be four classes: fighting-man, magic-user, cleric and rouge(well I'm also working on a variant of Holmes split classes). Four races: human, dwarf, elf and halfling(I'm also thinking about race-as-class variant). 3.x saving throws, Bab, Defense like in d20 Modern and armour as DR like in Conan d20. Combat is going to be like in 3LBB(i.e. 1 minute round, with no fiddly actions, free actions and full rounds just attack, use skill or cast a spell and move, everything else will be up to player's/gm's description). Magic will be more or less standard vancian with sanity rules. My game will also include extensive rules for wilderness exploration/creation, city and dungeon style of game.

I intend this game to be a free rules-lite d20 system based game with old-school flavour. If you have any questions or/and suggestions concerning the game, please do it by commenting this post.

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